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Friday, 11 December 2020



This task extends from the organization to the extended name.  5. Children of the institute, staff of the centers, trainees all this work  The aim is to provide incentives to do activities as a hobby.  Extra-curricular activities can also be undertaken and encouraged by visiting all the centers of education.  6. Activities 6. Actions based on materials that may be available in school: - Making covers from newspapers or old paper, making flush cards, drawing pictures, making gardens, grooming flowers, plants, planting trees, school decorations etc.  Activities can be carried out.  Depending on the materials obtained from the local environment.

         This section will be helpful.  CMDE  The department is going to be very helpful to the functional branch.  CMDE in the form of instrumental literature.  This section of the section is an organ.  Work experience and e.  T.  C.  like this .  D.  E.  There are tools in the department.  The curriculum is to be developed in collaboration with the activities required.  The three branches also have to work together in the teaching process and evaluation.  After getting the concept of field materials and environment, work planning and management work is to be done with P&M department.  

           Caring for organizational tasks - The scope of work experience activities is very wide.  It also includes local environmental activities, social activities (including national-social festivals), handicrafts, village-school family.  So that the department has to do the work of cleaning, decorating, roads, gardening, maintenance of the garden 

above work is to be done for teachers under primary education, school education Q. Education centers service, pre-service education teachers.  Work experience activities are to be conducted in the centers, in all the institutions of the school.  8. Inter-relationship in the departments: - It is to coordinate the work of this department in all the departments and to develop the activities keeping the children in the center.  In pre-service education, teachers (trainees) have to cover non-school and adult education in DRU, while individuals have to cover in-service teachers in IFIC.  Selection of areas and bringing innovation 

The multifaceted development of children requires mental work as well as physical work, artistic aptitude, as well as hand skills.  If you learn while working, you will not feel mental fatigue.  Functions of the branch: 1. Selection of areas and development of corresponding work experience activities: - Area here means local situation.  To know what work experience activity can be developed in the local environment.  To develop curriculum-based skills, you need to know what low-cost support materials will be accessible and organize activities based on them. 

District Education and Training Building: Objectives and Functions UML - 2. Work Experience (WE) Branch Work Experience Branch - Work experience is the second most important branch in the seven branches of District Education and Training Building.  The overall development of children requires physical work along with mental activities.  


     The experience gained than the work.  What is learned becomes more interesting.  Importance: It is accepted in the National Education Policy that earning money through work in the act of learning (in receiving education) is the production of things in the ideal work.  ૨ Acquisition is a confluence of physical work and learning.  The student lives in the society, it is necessary to engage in socially productive work from an early age.  Working in a group makes learning more interesting and enjoyable.  Artistic aptitudes and skills thrive on creating things 

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