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Monday, 28 December 2020

Daily Home Learning 29 December 2020 std 1 to 12

 Daily Home Learning  29 December 2020 std 1 to 12

There is currently an epidemic of "corona" disease in the world. In most countries of the world, educational institutions like schools, colleges, etc. are closed. Students do not come to study in school or college. India is in a state of lockout. In the state of Gujarat, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani has implemented a program of "Home Study" so that the study of students is not spoiled. Students are allowed to study at home under this program. Educational videos of each standard are broadcast daily on DD Girnar channel as per schedule.

The role of teacher in society is very important. The teacher establishes the sacrament in young children. The teacher molds the children and makes them noble. The teacher tries to draw the children well. There is no such thing as a good child and a bad child in a teacher’s mind. To me every child is a form of God. The teacher gives the child the best quality education and in the end takes the best work from him. Good teachers make a different impression on their students. The teacher develops creative power by giving the child interesting teaching. The teacher teaches the students positively and leads them on the right path. He needs knowledge, skills and a positive attitude so that the student is not lost in his life. The relationship between teacher and student is very sacred.

Children can study by watching home learning videos on television. Students Std. Watch home learning videos for all chapters in 1 to 12. Students who are left to watch videos on DD Girnar channel can watch Vande Gujarat channel on YouTube, "DIXASA" app, "Study at Home" app, BISAG (Bhaskaracharya Institute space programs and geo-information list). Students watch home learning videos for June and July. In this post we have put home learning videos for standard 1 to 12. Students learn a lot from home learning videos. Students learn many activities.

Thanks to Kovid Nineteen, education and colleges in the Asian nation are closed. Students doing business in colleges have been banned by the education department. Therefore, in Gujarat, virtual and residential education activities are broadcast on the 'Gujarat Classic' YouTube channel and the Department's Degree Girnar channel, which is an excerpt from the entire education campaign of the education department. And in step with the list, the secondary management program was aired by Doordarshan Kendra Ahmedabad through Doctor Degree Girnar channel, which is prepared by Gujarat Secondary Board and is a better instruction for standard-children. Three to five whole education, V to eight Grassrate and Std. 9 to 12. has been.

The program has been created in collaboration with scholars such as the elderly. And the necessary education is given. At the same time, the work of education is done by the teachers in the colleges through virtual lecture rooms so that the education of the children is not spoiled and their future is not spoiled. Even if colleges close.

DD Girnar Education Online Education TV Channel List Gujarat: Life Life 360's Life Description 360's Family Locator makes life easier in the digital world, making it easier for people to stay connected to important things. "Fans, teammates - whichever is more important and chat with them for free in Family Locator." Just see the real-time location of circle members on your circle's visible private family map

Shift does not mean that common ways of learning do not exist in the presence of learning online. In fact, online is likely to be both online and offline. "I don't think online education can change schools because parents have got to come to work," added Abhijit Banerjee, adding that children need a little supervision. In addition, schools also ensure that children socialize, learn to take a seat in one place, listen to the teacher. However, in the foreseeable future, teachers will likely fight the role of the role as schools put more learning materials put online.

The Kovid-1p epidemic is believed to have changed the education system across the planet. While digital learning has become a routine for executives to gain upskill in an increasingly automated world, e-learning has found an area within the curriculum of faculties and universities amid lockdowns to ensure academic continuity.


Probably not, unless simply transferring pedagogical practices online among existing challenges will not work as a long-term solution. Shweta Doshi, co-founder of Adtech firm Greatatom, summarizes:

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