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Friday, 25 December 2020

DAILY HORSCOPE 2020 Divya Bhaskar news by Ajay Bhambi TODAY

DAILY HORSCOPE  2020 Divya Bhaskar news by Ajay Bhambi TODAY


Positive- Today all family and social work will be completed in a planned disciplined manner. Familiarity with people will also increase, which will prove beneficial for you. A religious journey can also be concluded.

Negative- Be careful when dealing with any unknown person. You can also get some kind of cheat. Do not let laziness dominate you, because this is the time to work very hard.

Business - Today you will get information about some new topics from a close and experienced friend, which will be very beneficial for your business. Your efforts to grow the business will also be successful to a great extent.

Love- Due to health problems of any member of the house, you will have to keep harmony in both the home and the business. And you will also succeed in it.

Health- Due to excess of work, you will feel tired and weak. Also, take some time out for rest.

Lucky Color - Purple

Lucky Number - 8


Positive- By spending time in social and religious institutions and making appropriate contributions, you will feel happiness and new energy. Students will also get proper results of their hard work. Some time will also be spent in entertainment and humor.

Negative- If there is a situation of dissolution in the married life of a family member, then due to this there will be some tension in the family. But, be patient and peaceful in this time. Your suggestion and cooperation can handle situations to a great extent.

Business- Today you will not be able to pay much attention in the field of work. But do not ignore phone calls etc. Through them you can get an important order. Money transaction related tasks need to be done very carefully.

Love - The atmosphere of the house will be pleasant. All the members, assuming their responsibility, will help in household work.

Health- There is a need to take special care of the health of senior people at home. Be sure to include the current rules in your routine.

Lucky Color - Cream

Lucky Number - 8


Positive- Any solution will be found for domestic problems going on for some time today. Due to your gentle and balanced thoughts, proper harmony will remain in the family. And by keeping a positive attitude, the circumstances will automatically become normal.

Negative- Any negative activity of children can cause you stress and anger. But, try to correct their mistakes in a peaceful way. This will improve conditions quickly. Try today to get out of the house less often.

Business - It is very important to monitor all activities in the field. Because, even a little carelessness can prove harmful. There will be a lot of workload on the job people too, but be patient at this time.

Love- The emotional connection with life partner will be stronger. There will be more closeness in love affairs too.

Health- Protect yourself from current negative situations. Completely follow all safety related rules.

Lucky Color - Green

Lucky Number - 8


Positive- Today, spend most time in outdoor activities and spending time with friends. You will get many new information. Organize your methodology in a planned way. You will definitely get success in your efforts.

Negative- Sometimes some important achievements can get out of hand because of your carelessness. At this time, it is important to keep faith in yourself. Do not let anger and irritability dominate your nature.

Business - If you take all the decisions on your own and do not depend on others in the field, then it will be appropriate. Because, the advice of others may also prove to be wrong for you. Due to festivals, there will be an excess of workload on job occupation persons.

Love- Support of spouse and family members will keep your confidence up. Family happiness and peace will also be maintained.

Health - Do not let negative thoughts dominate you. Because, it can affect your work capacity.

Lucky Color - Pink

Lucky Number - 6

Leo sun sign

Positive- Spend some time with the elders and senior persons of the household also. You will get many important information from their experiences, there will be a pleasant feeling of their blessings and affection. Children will also be disciplined and obedient.

Negative- Due to mild light problems in health, some of your work may be incomplete, but due to this, do not let stress dominate you. Take proper rest. Spend time with family members also in entertainment related activities.

Business- You will be able to manage business related activities more easily by staying at home than in a business place. The economic situation will remain normal. Government serving persons will not be able to enjoy the festivals due to excess of workload.

Love - Family life will be normal. Meeting friends can cause some difficulties in the family.

Health- Today, special care is needed for health. There will be a situation like laziness and restlessness.

Lucky Color - Red

Lucky Number - 9


Positive- If plans are being made to invest in property or purchase a vehicle, today is the right time for that. With the arrival of relatives, there will be a stir in the house and all the members will appreciate each other's feelings.

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