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Saturday 19 December 2020

GANIT PUZZLE GLAY AND KOYDA Useful for all school

 GANIT PUZZLE GLAY AND KOYDA Useful for all school


A + B = 76

A - B = 38  

A ÷ B = ____?

Answer: 3

(A + B) = 76

-A + b = -38

If they are added together, 2 b = 38, b = 19 is found.

A = 57 if B = 19.

57/19 = 3

A mind-boggling riddle, try it yourself

For sunrise, the sun should be dark, for autumn there is spring greenery and for the form of the Ganges one has to fight or fight a stream of stones. In the same way, for the best and brightest days, man must fight the bad days or face the bad days.

Lord Sri Rama conquered Lanka but faced many difficulties and hardships before winning.

The Pandavas may have won the Mahabharata war, but at its root, there are numerous difficulties and nuisances.


Undoubtedly this life journey is like this. Here one has to press the ground under the ground first to become a tree for a long period of time. When the time comes, it germinates the seeds, but even then, sometimes exposed to the harsh sun, you don’t know what the obstacles are.

Gradually it seems to grow slowly, but even here, its path is not easy. Sometimes storms, sometimes storms, sometimes hail and sometimes overflow, the same seed has one day taken the form of a huge tree. Now sometimes by its leaves, sometimes by its branches, sometimes by its wood, sometimes by its cold shade, sometimes by its sweet fruit, it finds a respectable and honorable life.

Remembering the days can be bad but not life. Patience, courage, caution and happiness can enslave you.

What remains will survive and grow!

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