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Tuesday 22 December 2020

Jeevan Shiksha Magazine 2020-21-

 Jeevan Shiksha Magazine 2020-21-

The publishing department has been in operation since 1964. Life Education Magazine || Published on the 3rd of every month by the Department of Life Education Magazine. This periodical is playing an important role for qualitative improvement in school education. The magazine currently has 73,000 subscribers including teachers, individuals, primary schools, D.Ed. andB.E.d. Colleges.Life Education Magazine has a proud tradition of playing an important role in the qualitative improvement of school education for more than 1 year, this magazine properly considers the representative of the school education department.

Jeevan Shiksha Magazine 2020-21-

Buying a home should be one of the momentous events of your life. Due to rising property prices, it has become almost impossible for the average earner to buy a home on a unit amount. So the idea of ​​home loan has come into trend. Housing finance companies and an equal number of banks offer home loans on such days.

Due to the emerging housing finance market in the country, the task of choosing a company and an offer for home loan among thousands of available options has become a very complex task. Apart from this, there are complex professional jargons and techniques that make this task more difficult.

Explore the basics of home loan technology here, so that the next time you apply for a home loan you can understand the basics and help yourself stay away from the sinking elements in the market.

Home loans are usually accompanied by the following additional costs: a) Processing Fees: There is a fee to be paid to the lender when applying for a loan. It is either a fixed amount that is not attached to the loan or may be a percentage of the loan amount. B) Prepayment Penalty: Penalty is levied by some banks / companies when the loan is repaid before the expiry of the agreed period, usually between 1% and 2% of the repayment amount. C) Commitment Fee: Some institutions charge commitment fee if the loan is not availed within the stipulated period after processing and approval. D) Miscellaneous costs: It is possible that some lenders may charge a document or advisor.

Life Shiksha Magazine 2020-21-

GCERT Jeevan Shiksha Magazine 2019-20: Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) publishes Jeevan Shiksha Magazine every month. You can download Jeevan Shiksha Magazine from the official website


Some special issues on various academic fields were published this year. In addition to life education, there are 32 publications on various educational issues available for sale. This is a department-operated, reprint and distribution function. Financial Provision- Z.P. The school (83 5383831 primary schools) was provided for the subscription of the magazine for localbody primary schools under the scheme of free distribution of the magazine under %% contingency grant (through G.R. Dt. In the year 2012-2013, Rs. 53,83,000 / - was received and spent.

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