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Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Jilla Fer Badali Seniority List Dist :- Kheda

 Jilla Fer Badali Seniority List Dist :- Kheda

The program has now been started by the Government to change the district headquarters for primary teachers.

District Fair reverse-paras year 2019

One-way replacement camp for coming from other districts.

If you have any objection regarding the published list here, with the documentary evidence in the prescribed format, the District Primary Education Officer's office. The objection made after the deadline Will not be taken into account

One-way replacement camp for coming from other districts. District Replacement Program From the different districts, teachers are given the benefit of going to their homeland. For which, every application made in the prescribed time is invited to attend the district headquarters of the district. our educational site is

You will not be able to make a claim for the name from the name published from here, the objection to the objection requests will be changed by the rank of the seniority.

Mahesana District Zilla Fer Badali Seniority List (Sanbhavit) Updated On 18-09-2016 Download Here

Language /Maths-sci/Social science

Exchanging information via e-mail. Information technology, understanding to get various information from the internet. Use the dictionary.


Jagyao list chack karo

The teacher should give an understanding of the new words coming in the unit, its meaning, conjunctions, consonants, metaphors, conjunctions, conjunctive idioms and proverbs. Practice giving more and more examples of each. Introduce students to situations they have experienced. Playing various sports like chess, sapsid etc.

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