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Thursday 10 December 2020

Nishtha Training Aheval Module 6 GET word file

Nishtha Training Aheval Module 6 GET word file

Teachers are committed to globalizing primary education throughout their lives or careers, especially in the pre-independence period, with a clear goal of providing ‘quality education to all’ in India. He was a one-time teacher of secondary education. The importance of expansion has also been realized and has gradually reached globalization, especially in the modern era, since its independence. At the same time, the old model has proved to be inadequate.


 Unprecedented technological advances in society have led to the advancement of school education in the last decade of the social century and in other spheres of life as well as in the economic and other spheres of life as more and more people have reached their VC. Semantic education. With the aim of improving the quality of education, the school system has undergone radical changes. In this regard, many major courses for higher education are also being revised from time to time.

Despite the potential, many basic and value-based teachings have been introduced for such education. Despite the great potential, such an education has been introduced. The Minimum Level of Education (MLL) is expected to be accessible only to a limited class of society. But school education has been adopted by almost all strategies of society.


 Textbooks can be made available to everyone and so there has been a significant improvement in school teaching tools in the broader context of individual, social co-curricular as well as teaching and learning and the development of the country. With the help of which the quality and efficiency of the activity is of special importance. Based, promotes humorous teaching with knowledge Effective teacher-training is one in this regard.

 In addition to teacher-directed learning, self-learning and group play a crucial role. In fact the study of school shivan has begun. As a result, alternative teaching methods have become prevalent to ensure high efficiency and quality. Persecution becomes a heart condition. In other words, Blackboard, a special edition (training) program for teachers, is expected to promote effective school education (SOPT) to promote primary and elementary education.


  Initiative activities have been initiated in the lives of many such academic students as well as for the development of the initiative. Teachers play a guiding role in the process. Teachers are committed to their best ability to excel in their profession, as well as many other changes in school and decoration and to achieve the best in the third year millennium as well as in the classroom as well as in the early decades of the 21st century. Teacher - Training Course. -Ois, Giggs.


મોડ્યુલ 6 વર્ડ ફાઇલ અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો


Final Phase of Allegiance Teacher Training (All Modules) Date 01 December to 31 December 2020 Target Group will join the initial course teachers and head teachers on Nista in training of all or the remaining modules through Diksha Manch. To ensure that 100% of the teachers in your district receive loyalty training, teachers who have not joined the loyalty training are instructed to give necessary instructions from your level as well as from the district level for its proper management and necessary planning. . Along with this, Baysag Sarpot will also be provided to develop a clear understanding of all the above modules. Make sure that the teachers involved in the training also benefit from it.

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