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Thursday 10 December 2020

Nishtha Training Aheval Module GET 10 word file

Nishtha Training Aheval Module  GET 10 word file

The Telangana School Education Department has been set up to conduct a teacher training program in the name of Nishtha Teachers Training Program 2020. A high end, comprehensive, high quality and fully understood training program will be conducted for all teachers to improve the quality of education in the school with modern technology. The program will be implemented across the country.


What is Nisha? : Nistha is a capacity building program for "Improving the quality of school education through integrated teacher training". It also aims to build skills between all the teachers and school heads and school heads at an early stage covering the country's lakh lakh teachers and school heads. Integrated training is provided on learning outcomes, school-based assessment, learner-centered pedagogy, new initiatives in education, addressing various needs of children through multiple pedagogies, etc.

In this program, teachers and SRGOs will be trained in Telangana
Number of trained teachers: 94,, 547.
Number of required SRG teams: 171
Number of members in each SRG: 6 (5 subjects [Language, Mathematics, EVS, Science, Social Science] teachers and 1 HM)
Total number of teachers trained as SRG: 1026 (855 + 171)

Training on the following items

  • Curriculum, learner-centered pedagogy, study outcomes and inclusive education
  • Develop individual-social quality to create a safe and healthy school environment
  • Art Integrated Learning
  • School based assessment
  • Health and well-being in schools
  • Integration of ICT in education, study and assessment
  • Initiatives in school education
  • Teaching of environmental studies
  • Teaching mathematics
  • Teaching of languages ​​Teaching of science 12 Teaching of social sciences
  • District Level Training Scheme: Each SRG consists of 6 members (5 KRP + 1 SRPL), can train 150 teachers in each spell with 3 sections of 50. Among the teachers who train teachers at the district level are secondary grade teachers, HMs of primary schools, secondary grade teachers, HMs of primary schools, class-assisted school assistants of classes VI and Gazetted Head Masters of schools of classes VI.

Training will be conducted in two categories

Class I: Inclusion of SGT and Primary School HM
Class II: Inclusion of school assistants and GHM

Selection of HMs and teachers for training

All primary and high school HMs, SGTs who are now in position are given in the given figures
In terms of school assistants, 3/5 of S.A. for 6th, 7th and 8th class.
For selection, all S.A.s working in upper primary schools. For selection, all S.A.s working in upper primary schools.
Teachers will be selected to validate working statistics in high schools.
All HMs, SGTs identified for training. And S.A. Details of SCERT To M.H.R.D. Must be submitted in order to submit.
Technical administrators will now be trained by our RP to submit in .csv format and compile data in other website related functions.
A place for training

Multiple batch training can be conducted in multiple locations.

The venue will be selected in consultation with the DEO and will have all the facilities required for training
Before proceeding with the selection of the venue, the SO (SO) may meet with the SRG group and take details of the facilities provided at the venue. Place
An MEO / SL or Lecturer of DIET will be in charge of one place.
The SRG team will be the SRPL coordinator and will be in charge of conducting the sessions as per the time table.
The training is being conducted under Samagra Shiksha. Therefore, the financial standards for training will be in line with the standards of overall education
The training sessions will be documented along with photos and will be uploaded on the same district website and sent to SCERT.

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