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Thursday 10 December 2020

Nishtha Training Aheval Module GET 17 word file

Nishtha Training Aheval Module  GET 17 word file

The system of education in India is huge with 85 lakh teachers and 26 crore students. Our mandate is to provide equitable and quality education to all. But the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic has forced us to close educational institutions from 20 March 2020. This has led to unprecedented disorganization of education and affected more than 90% of the school population. Ministry of Education, Government of India. India and state education departments have made concerted efforts to ensure continuity of learning through various digital platforms.


COVID-19 has also forced all schools / colleges to discontinue regular teaching-learning-assessment processes and to conduct teacher training in face-to-face (FTF) mode. The most ambitious NISHTHA integrated training for 42 lakh teachers (employed through face-to-face mode) at the elementary education level (classes 1 to 8) is still on the cards. 

Under NISHTHA face-to-face training, 23,137 SRGs and 17,74,728 teachers and head teachers working in state-administered schools were covered by 33 states / UTs in a span of eight months. Timely scaling and access to such training is still a challenge in a plural country like India, where there is huge diversity due to language, geographical locations, culture, socioeconomic conditions etc.

However, the lack of diversity facing lock downs and the continuity of learning of teachers and students cannot be restricted due to diversity and huge population. Everyone is ready to learn something from cooking to artificial intelligence, and at the same time keeps on increasing his knowledge. Each teacher urges to improve their educational qualifications as a diverse group of students needs to be addressed. 


To continue this learning and to reach every single teacher, disciple teachers and students irrespective of board, affiliation etc., Ministry of Education, Govt. India plans to conduct a series of online courses for these stakeholders through the DIKSHA portal, which is small mobile phones and with minimal internet connectivity or no connectivity.

Therefore, NCERT plans to continue NISHTHA - Integrated Teacher Training using the DIKSHA platform and reach out to 42 lakh primary school teachers and all with its further expansion.

Courses for teachers will be launched sequentially and will be conducted in batches. Each course varies in time period where there will be flexibility for teachers to complete the course. Each course will have learning resources such as videos, reading material, reflective activities, practice activities, self assessment quizzes, etc. NCERT will offer courses in English and Hindi. It will be translated into regional language by the states / union territories and organized into state examples of DIKSHA. A teacher is required to enroll and self-learn and will be certified upon completion of the course. The DIKSHA portal will also be taken advantage of to effectively operate MOOCAS. For teachers, this initiative of MOOC will be a boon for continuous learning and to reach every teacher by scaling in a timely manner. It will also enable equity in providing professional development to teachers.

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