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Tuesday, 22 December 2020



When COVID-1 in the Indian subcontinent at the end of January. No early cases were reported, and in the months that followed, many would be able to anticipate its course and its impact on every aspect of human life. Yet here we are five months later, and our world has changed dramatically. Everything from board meetings to grocery shopping is now being done online online through laptops or smartphones, exposing our heavy reliance on stable internet availability.

Given this massive change within the established order, it is clear that technologies, especially the Internet, have been central to our development and adaptability within the COVID-19 era. However, it is public knowledge that technological-driven change was going on before the epidemic hit us.

Covid-19 effect: Spreading the wave within the e-learning ecosphere

While we have established that the web education sector was growing rapidly even before the Covid-19 epidemic, it is safe to say that the contagion has accelerated this growth at an incredible rate. Learning Physical presence in the classroom through online learning is attributed to new methods of teaching. Students avoid having their teachers and classmates physically present in the same room, so, in this age of protection and social distance, online learning is essentially the only way to learn.

Educational institutions across the planet have been shut down due to the COVID-19 epidemic that endangered tutorial calendars. Most of the educational institutes have shifted to learning online learning platform to continue the tutorial activities. However, the questions on readiness, designing and effectiveness of e-learning are not clearly understood, especially for a developing country like India, where technical constraints such as device suitability and bandwidth availability are a significant challenge. During this study, we specialize in understanding the understanding of agriculture student and the choice towards web learning through a web survey of 307 students. 

We have also explored student preferences for a variety of features of online classes, which can be helpful in styling an effective online learning environment. The results indicate that the majority of respondents (70%) are able to choose classes online to conduct the course during this epidemic. Most scholars prefer to use smart phones for online learning. Using content analysis, we found that students prefer recorded classes with quizzes at the top of each class to increase learning effectiveness. Scholars opined that the flexibility and convenience of online classes makes it an attractive option, while questions of broadband connectivity in rural areas make it a challenge for college children to use the online learning initiative.

India is facing an epidemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). In the absence of a suitable drug and vaccine for the treatment of COVID-19, the Government of India has imposed a lockdown from 25 March 2020 to prevent transmission of coronavirus chain / community in the country. As a result, tutorial institutes were also shut down during the downdown period and traditional classroom teaching turned to online teaching in India to make up for the loss of tutorials.

The program has been created in collaboration with scholars such as the elderly. And the necessary education is given. At the same time, the work of education is done by the teachers in the colleges through virtual lecture rooms so that the education of the children is not spoiled and their future is not spoiled. Even if colleges close.

The overwhelming majority of ‘transnational students’ (located in one country but enrolled in an establishment based in another country) attend either a world branch campus or a campus of an area institution that partners with the foreign degree provider.


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