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Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Today Rashifal bhavishya :-2020 Divya Bhaskar news by Dr Ajay Bhambi

Today Rashifal bhavishya :-2020 Divya Bhaskar news by Dr Ajay Bhambi

Things get a little tricky when Venus trines Pluto(planet of transformation) on Wednesday. This could be good or bad depending on how you focus your energies. It can be a great day for your career but a bad day for relationships and romance.

We hit peak spooky Halloween vibes when the sun enters mysterious and intense Scorpio on Thursday. For the next four weeks, we’ll be feeling a more powerful, elusive energy as we explore our inner selves.
The weekend leaves us on a good note when Venus trines Saturn (planet of foundation) on Saturday, making that an excellent day to plan for the future.
How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign


The week will, at first, bring you some good luck, Aries. But once the weekend rolls around, you’ll be all work and no play. It’s a good time to get any lingering errands done.


Monday is going to bring a bit of tension (and surprises) to your day. We all know you’re not a fan of off-routine happenings, Taurus, so take a deep breath and let it all happen. On Thursday, the cosmos will highlight your relationships over the next couple weeks. Get ready to talk about issue


Monday is a great day to get projects or ideas off the ground. You always have plenty of ideas floating around, Gemini, but today will give you the follow through to actually make them happen! Over the weekend, you’ll also become excited about a new passion.


The week brings positivity and light as Venus and Jupiter make a sweet angle. This should help you get your flirt on, since your confidence will be sky high, Cancer! More than that, it’ll make you extra attractive to others.


There’s an air of success floating around, Leo! With Venus and Pluto making a connection mid-week, opportunities are plentiful for you. Later on, the sun enters your family zone—encouraging you to be at home and spend time with loved


Organizing is typically a “Virgo thing.” Well, guess what? The Venus-Pluto connectiopwtyn on Wednesday is going to feed your love for coordinating and reorganizing at home. Over the weekend, you may feel more ambitious—thanks to the sun’s movement. This should continue for the next couple weeks.


Feeling a lot lately, Libra? There’s a reason for that. Venus and Jupiter making a connection on Monday is making you more emotional than normal. Don’t avoid asking for help. Thursday might see you getting hung up on details. Try not to things alarm you; you can handle it h


Mercury opposes Uranus on Monday, asking you to relinquish all control. This isn’t normally a Scorpiofavorite pastime, but you’ll be glad you did. The sun enters your sign on Thursday, where it will remain for the next couple weeks. Embrace it; you’ll feel more confident than ever!

Monday sees you questioning whether you should truly be with someone or not. Make sure that the Venus-Jupiter aspect isn’t blowing things out of proportion. Be objective. Be calm, Sagittarius. The weekend will be a great time to identify what your goals are.


With some key planets in your sign making distinct aspects on Wednesday, it’s all about work. Your favorite! But when the sun moves into Scorpio on Thursday, you could feel a little moodier, Capricorn. This is normal!


As a fixed sign, compromise is not your strong suit, Aquarius. And thanks to the Venus-Pluto trine on Wednesday, this tendency will come out full force. On Thursday, the sun moves into your sector of work, asking you to redefine your career goals and what you need.
get creative and really embrace your ideas. Use this energy to start (or finish) any art projects. As the sun moves into Scorpio on Thursday, it will also be ramping up your emotional waves. Stay calm and allow feelings to flow, 

Health: - Health will improve.

આજનું તમારું  રાશિફળ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 

Jobs: - People of this zodiac sign will definitely get job opportunities in the country and abroad especially for engineers, surgeons or computer specialists. Trips will be organized. People involved in politics should be careful. Disputes can escalate.

Trading: The stock market is showing signs of recovery. Oil, iron ore, banking and power stocks will benefit. Properly analyze the pros and cons of starting a new job.

Family: - Manglik work in the family will be completed in a pleasant and natural way. Venus states that marriage can take place in January, February, March, April or June. Venus also makes yoga for foreign travel.

Health: - There is a need to be a little careful about health. Stay than regular yoga. Seasonal changes can be irritating.

Love and marriage: - Household life will be spent in happiness. Beware, Mars can cause controversy in a love affair. A relationship with a parki woman can open the door of jail or hospital for you.

Wealth: - This year your source of income will be profit. This year is not conducive to savings. Due to ill health of any member of the family, money may have to be spent on it.

Remedy: -
Have some almonds in the temple and bring some home.
Avoid alcohol, meat, egg consumption and adultery.
Serve the monks, gurus and pipal trees.

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