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Friday, 11 December 2020

Voter List Reform Program 2020

Voter List Reform Program 2020

Voter list reform program is underway by the Election Commission. Forms will be accepted by the BLO at polling stations on Sunday, reduce the number of new voters to be added as well as to make necessary corrections. Collector and Deputy District Election Officer Vinod Prajapati visited the booth inspected the operation.

Online Application

Step 1. Log on to or the website of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), where the new voter normally resides. Click on the tab 'Online voter registration'

Step 2. Sign up to get a username and password.

Step 3. Upload a passport size color photo at the stated location.

Step 4. Upload proof of residence and age. If you are unable to upload, booth level officers (BLOs) can also submit documents.

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Bihar is an election period. There are elections in India which take place at various stages and levels of jurisdiction and geography. For example, parliamentary elections - general elections - are held once after every five-year term. It helps in placing members of the lower house of Parliament - Lok Sabha in the Parliament.

Then comes the legislatures of the respective states. Like Lok Sabha elections, Assembly elections are held every five years. The winning parties form the government either alone or in coalition and choose the CM of the state.

For elections at any stage of the federal model, the territories are divided into certain parts by the Delimitation Commission of India. These parts of the regions are called 'constituencies' for the Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha / State Legislatures. Whereas in the case of municipal corporations, these parts are called 'wards'. A representative is elected by the people of this region. To vote, a person must enter their name in the voter list.

Occasionally, although someone has been a registered voter for quite some time, or even when someone has moved someone's registration to a new location, locating someone's name in the local "voter list" or It becomes difficult to check. Let's find out. Steps of "How to check your name in voter list".


India's Election Commission, New Delhi's 7/08/2020 letter numbers: 23/202109 - ERS from the terms of the eligibility of the eligibility of the eligibility of the eligibility, the special brief improvement program has been declared Saturday, the quantity of 11/08/20 and 2020 and the espionage of voting, a special brief reform program of voting in the 11/09/2020, has given detailed instructions about 2021. According to the revised program approved by the Election Commission - the period of accepting claims and objection requests is fixed from 09/11/2020 (Monday) to .15 / 12/2020 (Tuesday), and the drafting of integrated voters In the state of 174 in the state of Vigilica (except 8 assembly votes under the sub-elections), a special brief improvement program of the voter's list starting on the basis of 09/11/2020, is at the program .22 / 11/2020 ( The days of this special campaign will have to perform the following work. The designated officer will have to organize special arrangements to accept the claim and objection requests by 10:00 hours in the morning by 10:00 hours in the evening to 05:00 hours.

By Election Commission of India Voter list special abbreviated reform program-2020 has been fixed till 15-1-2050. In the meantime, Ta. 9-12-2017, Dt. 2-1-2050 and dt. The Sundays of 19-1-2050 have been organized as special campaign days. The details of this program are as follows. Time limit for accepting claims, claims and objections. Till Wednesday 17-1-2030, special campaign dates 9-12-2018 (Sunday), Dt. 2-1-2050 (Sunday), Dt. 15-1-2050 (Sunday), to decide on the rights received, claims and final disposal. Preparation of supplementary lists by 2-1-2050 (Monday). By 2-4-2050 (Tuesday), the final publication of the voter list is on. It will be on 7-9-2050 (Friday).

Ta. In order to register the name of a citizen aged 18 years and above on 1-1-2050, the application has to be submitted along with the form 7 and proof of residence along with the following grounds. Passport size color photographs, base of residence, light bill ration card, PAN card, one of the driving licenses. A copy of the election card of the family member / neighbor. The following grounds must be presented with it. Copy of death certificate in case of death, copy of marriage certificate in case of marriage, concubine of marriage, daily work in case of immigrant. Grounds of birth in case of.

For the Upper House or Rajya Sabha, it is a permanent House and not subject to dissolution like the Lok Sabha. Representatives of states and union territories are elected by the method of indirect election in the Rajya Sabha. The representatives of each state and two union territories are elected by the elected members of the legislative assembly of that state and by the members of the electoral college for that union territory, as the case may be, as per the system of proportional representation by a single transferable vote. Means of. However, one third of the Rajya Sabha members retire after every other year. A member who is elected for a full term serves for a term of six years.


 મતદાર યાદી માં આપનું નામ ચેક કરવા માટેની લીંક

Can be returned to Level Officer during the above special campaign days. In addition, the website of the Election Commission can be applied online as stated in the list of the Collector and District Election Officer.

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