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Sunday, 20 December 2020



(Village Dakshinamurthy - Ambala (District Bhavnagar) GCERT, Gandhinagar - Workshop on achievement test creation was conducted. We are happy to present the excerpts of the interview here.) 1 Some people say that educated people are illiterate That poem is an important medium. them. How are you ? Through whom do we teach a sense of indebtedness in society to the individual through education? Its normal and should come.

 I am indebted to this society. Such a price should be an education that develops teaching subjects keeping in mind a special need, which requires rethinking. After 9th grade, a person is educated by industrially illiterate people of his choice while some monks should receive education. Why do our educated people have 0 teachers associations when it seems rude? Is it really needed?

There is a need for collective introspection, everyone has the right to form a union, look at the particularity of the society. The more educated a person is, the more convenient a teacher gets to perform his duties, less work and more remuneration! He is justified in doing so. Work itself is also an education. It is not right for the union to strike at the cost of the students while working. The feet and senses are also trained.

Therefore, the person who gets his work through non-cooperation should be educated even if he has not gone to school, as Gandhiji used to do. If your question is with the government and the children pay the fine, then it will not work to improve the basic concept of our education system. Even with a black band, education needs to continue and the first four standards can be maintained. Is equally important. In which teacher Guru.

Quality improvement through the training of primary teachers who achieve independence. . . . . It is possible  . . | How to deal with difficulties? It is necessary to resolve. Also, it requires patience, virility and faith in God. An important part of educating a child is to build trust in God. At the time of Draupadi's destruction, he finally grabbed the garment with his teeth and when it was released, believing in God, the Lord came to his aid.

 Should come within the periphery of the test, I am tired then work till handing it over to God. . . . Yes, of course, in-service training is required. He taught today and tomorrow it will not happen. This is work like mango. It takes some time to get fruit! It is not a vegetable, it grows instantly! 0 People theoretically praise basic education, but why does society not accept it? Have to work. for. The middle class hates labor, so the opposition starts more, the Shudra has to work. It is a sin of thousands of years of tradition. Because of which the other classes oppose.

 In basic education the system of caste based work has been abolished. Everyone has to do their work here. 3 What did your educational institutions do? Training for Mindfulness. Self-esteem is a great sin. I would say no more see the organization. See for yourself ... you can feel for yourself what organizations have done. Looks good in the world. Do not look weak. Weakness is everywhere. What will you get by seeing this? With good things. 1 What do you say about education? Today's education needs to change, education up to seventh grade should only fulfill the national requirement. Provide education that is necessary for the life of a citizen. Naan 14 should not have innate racism.

 The value of being an Indian should also arise from measuring education. Education should be in mother tongue. It is also desirable that other subjects be taught in the mother tongue. It is only through the mother tongue that a person's expression develops, that it is necessary to teach the beauty of language, the seriousness of meaning.

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