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Monday, 4 January 2021



The biggest advantage of a web course is that your classroom and instructor are (theoretically) available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Getting your only excuse for missing class won't come online! Otherwise, you have everything. You will have announcements, notes, notes access notes, review assignments, practice quizzes, questions will be discussed, chat with fellow students and study at any time. With the exception of certain dates, you create your own schedule to fulfill course desires.


Schools and other educational institutions around the world have seen a shift towards learning online education as countries around the world have been locked out for more than a month now due to the coronavirus. India is no different and so the country has particularly scalable prospects for digital education, Nobelist Abhijit Banerjee told The Indian Express. "My prediction is that now a lot of people will take classes online. The good news for the people of India is that this type of education model is highly scalable. The education he has limited so far is the need for physical proximity, ”he told the newspaper. Describing the shift as "pushing", he said it was still "good."

Learning why online education has changed the landscape of education, the Indian-origin economist said that with the introduction of classes, one can now take an MIT course in India. "And once MIT students start taking equivalent classes, people don't mind being a web course. “It’s a big shift,” he said. He also said that if other reputed institutes like Harvard, Stanford, IITs would also start online classes, then respect for online education would reach new heights. Abhijit Banerjee also runs a master's program (in Data, Economics and Development Policy) with MIT which is half online.

Both online and schools are left here

Shift does not mean that common ways of learning in the presence of learning online do not exist. In fact, online is likely to be both online and offline. "I don't think education can change online education because parents have got to come to work," Banerjee added, adding that children need a little supervision. In addition, schools also ensure that children socialize, learn to take a seat in one place, listen to the teacher. However, in the foreseeable future, teachers will likely fight the role of role as schools put more learning materials put online.

The Kovid-1p epidemic is believed to have changed education systems across the planet. While digital learning has become a routine for executives to gain upskill in an increasingly automated world, a field was found in the curriculum of faculties and universities amid lockdown to ensure academic continuity through e-learning.


Many Adtech platforms have been experiencing a major upheaval among learners in recent weeks, does it signal an era of revenge for education in India as we all know?

Probably not, as long as migrating ped pedicogic practices alone between existing challenges will not work as a long-term compromise. Shweta Doshi, co-founder of Adtech firm Greatatom, summarizes:

“While learning online learning has become inevitable, we will not achieve success unless we understand that teaching online learning does not mean zooming in on the whole classroom and continuing with equivalent delivery approaches. This may be a subtle point, but it has deep effects. "

Education What are the challenges in adopting more online education in India? Allow us to determine

At its most elementary , remote learning is essentially like the other sort of telework. Workloads which may normally be attended face to face and in real time are instead conducted online, with workers counting on mainstay collaboration tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex for videoconferencing, along side other team-oriented, multiuser platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Participants are, essentially, making do with the tools they need at their disposal, and they’re doing so on a dime.

You can study at any time. You will study with whomever you choose. Practice wearing anything you want (or nothing if you want to!) Courses courses Online courses give you the ability to spend time with work, family, friends, significant others or other activities you want. Many of you have to constantly change work schedules or frequent business trips, parents with young children, students caring for others, or with whom you need to continue this work (and this relief is often your downfall, see disadvantages)) Health This method prevents them from entering campus on a daily basis, students or friends or boyfriends / girlfriends who fall unexpectedly or in fact this method cannot be defeated when the surf and / or snow is bad.

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