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Tuesday, 5 January 2021



Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) is a leading state level institution for enhancing quality education in state and state level primary and secondary schools, before 1988, it was a state education institution. It was later upgraded to SCERT in 1988 under a resolution of the state education department. The Upgraded SCERT, now known as the Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT), is a full-fledged state-level educational institution and is managed and guided by the Board of Directors as well as an Executive Committee.

Gujarat State Textbook Board was established on 21st October 1969 AD. Since 38-year guides are the main target. High quality textbooks are published and for the students of Gujarat, they are easily available at reasonable prices.


Mandal by Std. 1-12 Gujarati medium textbooks are published. Textbooks are then published in Hindi, English, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Tamil.

The MIT community operates with a shared goal: to create a better world through education, research and innovation. We welcome people who are entertaining and curious, not selective but selective, inventive and artistic, immersed in numbers and talented wherever they are available.

The Department of Education has issued a notification on June 9 with some rules regarding the educational functioning of schools in the state following the Koro epidemic. It said schools would start from June 9 but students were not allowed to come to school till June 30. But teachers have to come to school. However the power to call teachers as required has been delegated to the head teacher. Std. The admission process of will be started from 1st and 28th. On the other hand, students will be taught at home from 12 noon. Because of Corona, parents are worried about how to send their children to school. However, the government's refusal to send students to school has given parents some relief.

 From today, students from all over the state including Bharuch district will be able to study from home on Vande Gujarat channel through DD Girnar and Byseg. DD Girnar’s schedule of educational programs has been published so that students can prepare the subject in a timely manner and learn effectively in online study. In which only std. Will be able to study for the first 6 days from 9, 12 to 1 p.m. Std. Students of will be able to study from 9th June to 9th while Std. 10 students will not be published on DD Girnar. Only standard 12 students will be able to study for 8 days from 3 to 4 pm, not standard 11 students.

  For the next 5 days, Std. 11 students will be able to watch the program on DD Girnar, not Std. 12, educational programs will be published on various channels of Vande Gujarat by Byseg. Apart from this, programs on the board's YouTube channel 'GSHSEB Gandhinagar' will also be uploaded, study materials will have to be delivered to all schools by the district school officer. The school principal is tasked with informing parents and students about the home learning program.

Her post has a link to a home learning video for standard 3. Students can watch and study videos from home using this link. Watch the date below and click the link next to the date you want to watch the video.

No one can give you happiness, nor can you go to a shop in the market and buy money. If you were happy with money, all the rich people in the world would buy it.

Praise comes from the way of living life. Life can be beautiful but if the lifestyle is not beautiful then life does not take any time to become ugly. Even in the hut, the man can be full of joy and even in the cells, the sad, restless, troubled man will be found.

A smile is a diamond that you can wear without buying and ...

As long as you have this diamond ... you don't need anything else to look beautiful!

Change the way you think today, life will be a celebration. Remembering the world is associated with renunciation and is shattered by selfishness. If you walk the path of renunciation, you will find everyone's affection without asking and life will become a garden.

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