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Friday 8 January 2021



The teacher should also repeat the content of the previous language frequently and rhythmically and the students should play it and be free to do these songs to increase the confidence of the students. Encourage students. After promoting the age of pronunciation in English, one should plan to sing along with the appropriate ascendant-lineage, read the text aloud and enjoy understanding the characteristics in mind and compiling the information given in the lesson. Guidance should be given as soon as possible.



 The teacher should read the correct pronunciation of words, phrases, sentences at the end of the lesson for the teacher before teaching the lesson. The teacher will provide guidance and in the same way develop the ability to concentrate in the classroom, so that students can develop the ability to think aloud and read aloud, providing good reading experiences.

Educational institutions (schools, colleges, colleges and universities) in India are currently based solely on traditional methods of teaching, i.e., they follow the general guidelines derived from face-to-face lectures in the classroom. Although many educational units have also started mix education, many of them are cursed with old processes. The sudden outbreak of the deadly disease Covid-19 caused by the Corina virus (SARS-Cov-2) shook the whole world. The planetary health organization declared it an epidemic. This paradigm challenged the education system across the planet and prepared teachers to move into the web mode of education overnight.

Many educational institutions that were previously reluctant to change their approach to traditional pedagogy had no choice but to shift to full-fledged online teaching-learning. The article covers the importance of online learning of e-learning modes in times of crisis and the importance of analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges (SWOCs). The article also sheds some light on the expansion of Adtech start-ups in times of epidemics and natural disasters and includes suggestions for tutorial organizations on how to address the challenges associated with learning online learning.

The coronavirus, a deadly and intractable disease known as covid-19, has had a devastating effect on the global economy. The tragedy has taken the education sector by surprise, and this fear is likely to resonate globally in the education sector as a whole. The Covid-19 outbreak forced many faculties and colleges to close temporarily. Some areas are affected worldwide and this is likely to be lost throughout the current semester or more likely in the near future. Various schools, colleges and universities have stopped teaching individually.

According to the researchers' assessment, there is uncertainty about returning to general education any time soon. Since social distance is key at this stage, this can have a negative impact on learning opportunities. Educational units are struggling to find alternatives to address this challenging situation. In these circumstances we have realized that there is an urgent need for visual planning tutorial organizations (Relay, 2020). This is often a situation that demands humanity and unity. There is an urgent need to save and rescue our students, faculty, academic staff, communities, societies and therefore the entire nation.

Within the second week of March, the country’s state governments began temporarily closing schools and colleges on the grounds of ending the spread of the novel coronavirus. It's been a month and I'm not sure if they'll reopen. This is an important time for the education sector - board exams, preschool admissions, entrance exams of various universities and competitive exams among others, all these are taken during this era.


Textbook Use Guide The curriculum of the presented textbook may take into account abilities but is designed to reduce speaking opportunities in English. The ability to speak is very poor due to exposure during English teaching and students lose (i) instinct (i) speaking during the year.

This means that while teaching the lesson, the teacher has to make continuous efforts for language refinement and (ii) writing and (iv) writing. Teachers should organize class-activities in such a way that the study material given in the textbook and the self-prepared similar ability are developed and the minimum learning abilities (MLL) are not developed in the students through listing, exercise material. Done in other capacities.

  Reading Reading and writing writing is not appropriate. It should be borne in mind that skills advancement and their minimum abilities develop the pre-work given at the beginning of this textbook. Depending on the activity, students are encouraged to learn new academic subjects (some rhyming-nursery rhymes in the standard 7 textbook). This nursery rhyme is required

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