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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Std 6 All Spelling Pdf file of Gujarat

Std 6 All Spelling Pdf file of Gujarat

This sixth grade vocabulary list was made from an analysis of difficult words that appear in basic readers and other books commonly taught in 6th grade. The words were then analyzed to see how often they appeared on the English language arts state tests offered in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades. This vocabulary vocabulary is free and printable, but it is also available through our systematic vocabulary development program, Word Up Project, which has been proven to increase scores. You can also view the word list of other levels of the Word Up project.
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Subject: English Vocabulary and Spelling, 6th class.
Grade level: 6th, 6th grade, 6th class.
List of words:

Accordion, abundant, abundant, abbreviated, abnormal, abnormal, abolished, bare, accessible, contingent, accelerated, acceptable, acknowledgment, access access, accuracy, habit, acceptance, acceptance, admission, advice administration, administration, ambassador, analysis,

Arrogant , Antennae, antenna, antenna, antidote, antiques, apparel
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Clear, atmosphere, appearance, appetite, admiration, admiration, approachable, sanctioned, clever, archeology, knowledge, assurance, archery, architect, enthusiastic, area, atheist, athlete, array, artery, artificial, artillery, ascent, attitude, Attorney, awe, awesome, supportive, supportive, collaborative, organization

Assume, asteroid, measles, balmy, authority, attendee, ac detorium, autobiography, automatic, available, dot, avid, avocado, annoying, axis, baffle, ballet, bankrupt, barometric, benefit, bsich, bavilder, bivich, way Prejudice, bibliography, bicarb, big-league, big-ticket

Big, bigot , Bright, bright, art, bright, scratch

Scratch, scratch, broadcast, bulletin, bully, burdensome, shaper, causal, cartographer, candidate, canine, capacity, capsule, caption, caricature, category, challenge, cello, sizzler, centennial, ritual, certificate, Charter, love, circumstances, circumstances, chiseled, citizen

Cultured , Confused, complementary, complete, complex, beautiful, appreciative

Commercial, commission, committed, season, conversation, communication, compact, comparison, compassion, compelling, aptitude, rival, admiration, combination, compromise, imagination, conclusion, condemnation, mourning, confirmation, consciousness, result, consequence, defense Congratulations, connection, conscious, consciously, corresponding, controversy

Clear, constitutional, damage, resistance, persistent, persistent, controlled, controlled, controversial, convertible, convex, expression, corps, integration, crossbar, correspondence, counterpart, corruption, council, consultant, counterbalance, fake, courtesy, cranium, Croquet, craziness, credit, creditor, crescendo

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Download std 6 pdf file from here

Description: This is a list of 1,300 words known to sixth grade students. It includes words that are more academic and difficult to spell. This sixth standard vocabulary will prepare them for the lessons usually read during the sixth standard.

Crisis, Emergency, Criticism, Crustacean, Crystallization, Coke Old, Curfew, Drone, Elegance, Drought, Intrusive, Intoxication, Dual, Duplicate, Duration, Mandatory, Resilience, Alternative, Encouraging, Experience Expiration, curio, curiosity, cursory, dabble, deficiency

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