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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

How to Create DA bill on SAS update

How to Create DA bill on SAS update

How to Creat DA bill on SAS update

The inflation bill possesses to be made online on SAS GUJARAT.

1 attend the payroll difference sheet in SAS

2. Then the names of the teachers who are to be billed are getting to be ticked within the square box next to their names. The name of the legislator also are going to be ticked next thereto so as that the name doesn't appear within the print. In short, tick the name of the person whose bill is being made. Then there must be a tick altogether the three months within the Mass column also . If there is a deductible leave during a month and thus the bill for that month isn't generated then the tick should be removed.

Now you'll create a DA different bill On SAS

Gujarat website. Sas pay bill create from sas website. Read also:

Here is significant pdf file for create Pay Difference bill. Sas pay difference bill is create by every school and given before diwali.

The government has given gifts to the workers before the Diwali festivities. the govt. has announced to supply the remaining dearness allowance to the workers of the organization receiving the govt grant including the workers and officers.

Significant Link 

Watch Full Video: Click Here 

Announcing this, DyCM Nitin Patel said that the inflation allowance was to be purchased 01 month 2019 to 06 months but the govt. postponed the payment of allowance because of reduction in government revenue because of Corona. But now that every one activities have resumed, the revenue of the govt has increased.

Important  Link 

Download Pdf: Click Here 

Nitin Patel said that government employees were owed an entire of 06 months dearness allowance. Out of which currently 03 months dearness allowance are getting to be paid. On the other hand, the govt has also announced a bonus of up to Rs 3,500 for Class-IV employees.


Download pdf : 
Click Here



Duplicate Seva poti margdarshan hetu sas ni site per Mahti Mukva babat latest paripatra.

SAS New Updates

The document required for the next details has been placed on the sas.

1.For medical bill 

2. High support

3. Travel permission

4.CPF matter

5. Duplicate sacred writing Validation

6. Holiday approval proposal

Information on duplicate sacred writing validation, leave sanction, PPAN CPF proposal has been updated on SAS website for guidance.

July, August, September 2019 Moghwari Difference Bill has been posted online on SAS GUJARAT. As per the announcement made yesterday, 50% supplementary installment (i.e. July, August, September 2019 M3 months) are getting to be paid within the primary phase. And currently only these 3 months inflation bill will appear online in SAS. Read also: 

The remaining 3 months October, November, December 19 installment are getting to be paid within the second phase. So these 3 months are getting to be open within the second phase.

sasgujarat For Primary Teacher Administrative Work. Government of Gujarat started new Administrative Work Website for teacher like Pagar bill order and other. Masik Patrak, Setup-1 Setup-2 Pagar bill, Teacher Information, Stuent information, SASGUJARAT is for Primary Teachers online Pagar bill and Paperless work for Teacher. it's extremely useful to all or any or any teachers and Principal. Time saver software for teachers. Teachers all detail and each one letter trough online this website developed by Government of Gujarat. Read also: 

sasujarat online website For Primary Teacher Administrative Work. Government of gujarat started new Administrative Work Website for teacher like Pagar bill order and other


Open Website of sasgujarat

Click to Login

Select your District

Enter user id of college Enter Password

Open Site Click on Profile setting

Fill School Profile School Detail and Account No

Than add detail of Village population Lock school profile

Go on Teacher information Fill Detail of all teachers Lock Deatil

Go on Pagar bill option add teacher detail

Go on Masik Patrak Option and fill detail

Go on Uchattar dhoaran and make file

Go on I Card and make I Card

Go on Raja Report

Go on Mongvari bill Generator

sasgujarat Online

Distict wise list of Login

Here is District wise list to login in sasgujarat online website for primary teacher all data work. Like pagarbil, uchatar, Raja report, Masikpatrak, And etc...

sasgujarat Online Website For Primary Teacher Administrative Work.

Here is useful Video information about use of this Website login and therefore the thanks to fill all detail of college and teacher information about This Video.HOW TO UPDATE TEACHER DATA, SCHOOL PROFILE AND PASSWORD

In a democratic state, policy-making is completed by the govt. (executive). Government services are established for the implementation and regulation of policies. Government service means such service which is under the govt. , the appointment of a servant is completed by the govt. . and thus the salary of the servant is paid from the govt revenue. the basic difference between government and non-governmental services is that while the powers and duties of state servants are regulated by law, the powers and duties of non-government servants are governed by contracts. In government service, the contract starts because the "offer" of recruitment is made by the govt. . and thus the "recapture" is completed by the candidates but after appointment the govt servant starts to be regulated by the constitutional provisions, service and repair rules, which One-sided by the govt. , even with retrospective effect, are often devised and altered. 

Under Article 309 of the Constitution of India, the govt. can make rules for its servants and regulate their terms of service. Accordingly, the govt. service performed by all government servants of the state of Uttar Pradesh is run / regulated by the Service Rules compiled in Financial Rules Collection Vol-II Part 2 to 4. The structure of this financial handbook is as follows.

Whenever such Government servants who are members of the Territorial Army are called upon to supplement or assist the regular Armed Forces on military duty or during the actual war to assist the civil administration or to participate in any teaching course  Permission to take, then his absence from his office will be treated as duty for the purpose of civil leave and pension.  If a government servant is in the incremental pay scale, his military service will be counted for the increment in the pay scale applicable to his civil post and also for the civil pension as if he had served that period on his own post. Read also: Nokri puri thaya pachi ketli gratuity malse jano

 (Two) In the case of a student who is not stipendiary or not, and who is entitled to be appointed to the Government service after passing a training course in a university, college or school in or outside India, successfully completing the course  And in the interlude between the duties;

 (Three) When a Government servant is compulsorily waiting to take charge of a post after reporting for duty, for which he is not liable in any way, then the date of reporting thus and that  Until the date when he takes up his assignment, in the middle interval;

 (Four) Subject to the conditions stated in the original rules 83 and 83-A (relating to special disability leave) and subject to the conditions, the provisions of the aforesaid rules for the first six months of disability and thereafter shall apply

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