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Sunday 21 February 2021

How To Seal EVM Control Unit With paper seal and Strip Seal

How To Seal EVM Control Unit With paper seal and Strip Seal

Importantprecautions while sealing with strip seal:

1. While fixing strip, ensure the rubber cap covering the “CLOSE”

button is left clear and there is no difficulty in removing the rubber

cap and operating that ‘CLOSE’ button.

2. The strip seal shall be fixed tight and not loose.


4. Each polling station will be supplied with three (3) strip seals.

5. Account for each strip seal supplied to the polling station for the

conduct of poll in the Presiding Officers’ Diary.

6. Return every strip seal that has not been used (including the strips

(or pieces thereof) damaged accidentally)

7. Strip seals are kept in safe custody always


The Election Commission (EC) is a constitutional body that governs the electoral process in India. Elections to the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Legislative Assemblies and the President and Vice-President come under the purview of the Office Election Commission.

To curb the channelization of black money through political means, the commission has decided to strike more than 400 parties from the 'income tax exemption on contributions and donations' list.

There are about 1900 political parties in India but never fought more than 400 elections. The commission suspected these parties of having a role in laundering black money.

The Commission functions under Article 324 of the Constitution of India. Under the Election Commission Act, 1993, it is established by three members, the Chief Election Commissioner and two other Election Commissioners.

The Chief Election Commissioner of India is Syed Naseem Ahmed Zaidi. Achalkumar Jyoti and Om Prakash Rawat are the Election Commissioners of India.

These. The code of conduct regarding these elections will be implemented with immediate effect in the respective constituencies. Please see the details on the Commission's website at the following link: login s-from-cou login- constituferences-by - Graduates% E2% 80% 99-and-teachers% E2% 80% 99-and-local-officials% E2% 80% 99-constituency-% E2% 80% 93-mcc-suggestions-% E2% 80% 93 -Related /

All. Compliance with comprehensive guidelines during the election process for all individuals: -

Everyone will wear a face mask during every election related activity
At the entrance of the hall / room / space used for election purpose:
(A) Thermal scanning of all persons will be carried out:
(B) Sanitizer shall be made available at all places
Social distance will be maintained as per the existing COVID-19 guidelines of the State Government. And the Ministry of the Interior.
Large barriers will be identified as far as practical is concerned and will be used to ensure social distance standards.
Adequate vehicles will be collected for the movement of polling personnel, security personnel to ensure compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.
CO. In order to follow the strict guidelines in conducting elections during COVID-1, please refer to the guidelines available on the Commission's website at the link website: - -General-Election-By-Election-During-Covid-19 /.

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