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Monday, 1 February 2021

Daily Home Learning video 2 February std 1 to 12

Daily Home Learning video 2 February std 1 to 12

The biggest advantage of a web course is that your classroom and instructor are (theoretically) available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Getting your only excuse for missing class won't come online! Otherwise, you have everything. You will have announcements, notes, notes access notes, review assignments, practice quizzes, questions will be discussed, chat with fellow students and study at any time. With the exception of certain dates, you create your own schedule to fulfill course desires.

By the time you complete this course, you are ready to incorporate e-mail and web browsing into your resume as a technical skill. Which gives you a special advantage over someone who doesn't have these skills. Learning how to access information through the web reveals a world of possibilities for your personal and professional life. You will find jobs online, get led ledge application, travel travel plan online, car dealer will get online merchant price, compare online, compare online, get great works of art and literature online, games and movies will get online online, and so much more. The opportunities are practically endless.

Since you received an instant pipeline to the trainer via e-mail, you can get answers to your questions directly. Many students are not comfortable asking questions at school for fear of feeling stupid. The web (hopefully) removes that fear (as long as you feel comfortable with the instructor). Often you will think after class or while you are studying. Instead of trying to remember to ask or forget, you can send an e-mail to the trainer. Increased your chances of finding out.

Classroom setup and design is a great way to attract and keep students' attention. Workstations are a great way to promote a variety of learning. By giving children the opportunity to choose what activities they want to participate in, children are taking control of their own learning. On the element

You can study at any time. You will study with whomever you choose. Practice wearing anything you want (or nothing if you want to!) Courses courses Online courses give you the ability to spend time with work, family, friends, significant others, or other activities you want. Many of you have to constantly change work schedules or frequent business trips, parents with young children, caring students, or with whom you need to continue this work (and this relief is often your downfall, see disadvantages)) Health This method prevents them from entering campus on a daily basis, students or friends or boyfriends / girlfriends who fall unexpectedly or in fact this method cannot be defeated when the surf and / or snow is bad.

About 56 per cent of youngsters do not have access to smartphones that have emerged as an essential tool for learning online during coronavirus-induced lockdowns, consistent with replacement studies, surveyed by 831111 students at various school levels.

A study between ‘Covid 19 - Onground Ground Situations and Possible Solutions’ was conducted by a child rights NGO called Smile Foundation for the purpose of genetic analysis from techno.

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Some applications are available in versions of several different platforms;

Others do only one thing and so it is called,

Teachers have a very important responsibility to shape the lives of young, influential children. With this responsibility comes great pride and joy.

When I was in kindergarten I remember playing at different stations in the classroom. One station was for gardening and we could plant seeds every day and check how much they had grown. The other station in that classroom that sticks to my mind is the arts and craft station. There was a large collection of crayons, markers, scissors, construction paper and building materials that we could use for beautiful decorations to give to our parents.

By setting high standards for the student, the teacher encourages the student to do so and ultimately

Make learning interesting as well as creative.

 The positive or negative influence of a teacher early in life can have a big impact on a child’s life. Teachers, especially at the beginner level, must be very creative with their teaching styles.

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