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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Online Education Daily Home Learning video 1 April 2021 std 3 to 12


 Online Education Daily Home Learning video 1 April 2021 std 3 to 12

Advantages and drawbacks Of Online Learning

As with most teaching methods, online learning also has its own set of positives and negatives. Decoding and understanding these positives and negatives will help institutes in creating strategies for more efficient delivery of the teachings , ensuring an uninterrupted learning journey for the scholars .

entrance level to a tutorial career.

One of the foremost oft-used terms after the pandemic is that the term “new normal.” The new normal in education is that the increased use of online learning tools. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered new ways of learning. All round the world, educational institutions are looking toward online learning platforms to continue with the method of teaching students. The new normal now's a transformed concept of education with online learning at the core of this transformation. Today, digital learning has emerged as a necessary resource for college kids and schools everywhere the planet . for several educational institutes, this is often a completely new way of education that they need had to adopt. Online learning is now applicable not just to find out academics but it also extends to learning extracurricular activities for college kids also . In recent months, the demand for online learning has risen significantly, and it'll continue doing so within the future.

As with most teaching methods, online learning also has its own set of positives and negatives. Decoding and understanding these positives and negatives will help institutes in creating strategies for more efficiently delivering the teachings , ensuring an uninterrupted learning journey for college kids .

What Are the benefits Of Online Learning?

1. Efficiency

Online learning offers teachers an efficient thanks to deliver lessons to students. Online learning features a number of tools like videos, PDFs, podcasts, and teachers can use of these tools as a part of their lesson plans. By extending the lesson plan beyond traditional textbooks to incorporate online resources, teachers are ready to become more efficient educators.

2. Accessibility of your time And Place

Another advantage of online education is that it allows students to attend classes from any location of their choice. It also allows schools to succeed in bent a more extensive network of scholars , rather than being restricted by geographical boundaries. Additionally, online lectures are often recorded, archived, and shared for future reference. this enables students to access the training material at a time of their comfort.

Thus, online learning offers students the accessibility of your time and place in education.

3. Affordability 

Another advantage of online learning is reduced financial costs. Online education is way cheaper as compared to physical learning. this is often because online learning eliminates the value points of student transportation, student meals, and most significantly , land . Additionally, all the course or study materials are available online, thus creating a paperless learning environment which is cheaper , while also being beneficial to the environment.

4. Improved Student Attendance 

Since online classes are often taken from home or location of choice, there are fewer chances of scholars missing out on lessons.

5. Suits a spread Of Learning Styles 

Every student features a different learning journey and a special learning style. Some students are visual learners, while some students like better to learn through audio. Similarly, some students thrive within the classroom, and other students are solo learners who get distracted by large groups.

The online learning system, with its range of options and resources, are often personalized in some ways . it's the simplest thanks to create an ideal learning environment suited to the requirements of every student.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Online Learning?

1. Inability To specialise in Screens

For many students, one among the most important challenges of online learning is that the struggle with that specialize in the screen for long periods of your time . With online learning, there's also a greater chance for college kids to be easily distracted by social media or other sites. Therefore, it's imperative for the teachers to stay their online classes crisp, engaging, and interactive to assist students stay focused on the lesson.

2. Technology Issues 

Another key challenge of online classes is internet connectivity. While internet penetration has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years, in smaller cities and towns, a uniform reference to decent speed may be a problem. Without a uniform internet connection for college kids or teachers, there are often a scarcity of continuity in learning for the kid . this is often detrimental to the education process.

3. Sense Of Isolation 

Students can learn tons from being within the company of their peers. However, in a web class, there are minimal physical interactions between students and teachers. This often leads to a way of isolation for the scholars . during this situation, it's imperative that the varsity leave other sorts of communication between the scholars , peers, and teachers. this will include online messages, emails and video conferencing which will leave face-to-face interaction and reduce the sense of isolation.


4. Teacher Training 

Online learning requires teachers to possess a basic understanding of using digital sorts of learning. However, this is often not the case always. fairly often , teachers have a really basic understanding of technology. Sometimes, they don’t even have the required resources and tools to conducts online classes.

To combat this, it's important for schools to take a position in training teachers with the newest technology updates in order that they will conduct their online classes seamlessly.

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English To Gujarati and Gujarati To English Dictionary and Translator.

English To Gujarati and Gujarati To English Dictionary and Translator.

**** English To Gujarati Dictionary Offline And Translator *****

English To Gujarati Dictionary and Translator - the easiest way to learn and translate Gujarati language fast within your Android devices and Tablets.

Our new English to Gujarati Dictionary app is a light weight and elegant tool. You can find over 2 lac english words with their gujarati meanings for Free on your smartphone! You can easily search for any word you want and we will take care of giving the meaning of it and the best thing is that you can take quiz to test your knowledge in this Indo-Aryan language. 

Book health check-ups & lab tests from reputed & quality certified labs, and get tested from the comfort of your home. Enjoy free home sample collection, view reports online and consult a doctor online for free.

Night expedition in 29 cities extended to 5 May

Night curfew imposed in 9 more cities.

Botad and
Night curfew was imposed in Viramgam.

 All restaurants in cities will be closed only take-away services can be continued.

 Malls, shopping complexes, Gujari Bazaar, cinema halls, auditoriums, gyms, swimming pools, water parks, public gardens, salons, spas, beauty parlors and other amusement activities will be closed in all 29 cities.

AP All APMCs across the state will be closed. Only APMCs engaged in the sale of vegetables and fruits can be continued.

 Public access to religious places across the state will be closed only administrators and priests will be able to perform pooja.

બસ Public bus transport will continue throughout the state with 90% capacity.

લગ્ન As per the rules, a maximum of 50 persons can be present at weddings across the state and 30 persons can be present at funerals.

English To Gujarati Dictionary And Translator provide gujarati keyboard to write the message, store, emails, Facebook post,Whatsapp messages, Tweets in Gujarati and many more social media posts in Gujarati. 
ગ્રામ પંચાયત ને મોકલેલ કીટ નું લિસ્ટ અહીંથી જુઓ


Gujarati language is spoken by over 50 million people around the world and we know that learning it will not be too easy without a powerful and free tool to let you learn it in a fast and fun way. 

Gujarati Translator : 

Best Feature in English To Gujarati Dictionary Offline is Translator. 

- you can Translate any English or Gujarati Word in any other language like Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and many more languages.

*********Features ******** 
- We have a very Easy Interface to use, so everyone can use it simply without watching any tutorial. We worked hard to make everything easier to you. In the main screen, you will be able to see all words. There, you can type the english word that you are looking for and we will take care of finding the meanings of this word in Gujarati language.

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- We developed a new quiz inside Gujarati dictionary! To take the quiz, you can easily tap the option icon in the top left side of the screen and choose quiz. Now, you will see a word in the screen with 4 answers, you will have to tap the answer that you think its right to see if it’s the good choice or not. Keep in mind, that there is a countdown timer and if it finishes without a reply from you, then the quiz will ends. 

- You can see your real-time results in the top of the screen. If your answer is wrong, then we will show you the right one. Do not forget to keep it in mind.

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Gujarati dictionary app gives Gujarati to English and English to Gujarati meanings, synonyms, antonyms with 200000+ words.
અંગ્રેજીથી ગુજરાતી શબ્દકોશ અને ગુજરાતીથી અંગ્રેજી શબ્દકોશ
This offline English Gujarati dictionary is designed to help Gujarati speakers to improve their communication skills. This best Gujarati dictionary free app provides you with the opportunity to search and find the translation of any word. Easy words searching system, faster and user-friendly interface.

This dictionary Gujarati and English / Gujarati Dictionary ultimate are available with English to Gujarati Meanings and Gujarati to English Meanings.

#1 EngGujEng: English to Gujarati Translator app and Gujarati to English Translator app

#1 EngGujEng: અંગ્રેજીથી ગુજરાતી અનુવાદક એપ્લિકેશન અને ગુજરાતીથી અંગ્રેજી અનુવાદક એપ્લિકેશન

✓ Easily translate English text to Gujarati using our free English to Gujarati Translator App. You can also perform Gujarati to English Translation.

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✓ Use it as a Dictionary. You can type your words in English and get the exact word in Gujarati. You can type your words in Gujarati and get the exact word in English.

Usage Guide
1) I have copied a text, how can I translate?
A) Click on 'Paste' button and our English to Gujarati Translator app will translate the text.

2) How to change language?
A) Click on swap button (2 arrows) on the top of the screen. Clicking swap button changes the translation direction between "English to Gujarati" and "Gujarati to English"

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A) Click on 'Mic' button and say the text. Once you are finished with voice typing, click on 'Translate' and English to Gujarati Translator app will translate the text.

4) How do I use it as English to Gujarati Translator?
A) Enter text in the first text box and click 'Translate' and our app will translate your English text to Gujarati.

5) How do I use it as Gujarati to English Translator?
A) Clicking on 'Swap' button changes the translation direction. Once you set the direction from Gujarati to English, enter text in the top text box and click 'Translate' to translate from Gujarati to English.

Features of English to Gujarati Translator App:
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Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Directions to apply online; B.R.C./U.R.C. And C.R.C. Co. ORDINATOR VACANCY

 Directions to apply online; B.R.C./U.R.C. And C.R.C. Co. ORDINATOR VACANCY 

"Regarding the contract for the post of CRC Coordinator based on 11 months contract under Comprehensive Education.


  Rajkot, Surat, Tapi, Vadodara and Ahmedabad Corporation) Out of the vacancies of working CRC / Coordinator, approximately 40 posts are available from short and short term 11 months contract based recruitment process for candidates with prescribed educational, professional qualifications and experience from the State of Gujarat.

  Online application is invited. To apply online, graduate as well as PTC / B.Ed qualified and TET - lor TET - II or H TAT pass candidate and at least 3 (three) years full time education of government recognized primary school on the date of application.

  Candidate with experience or 3 (3) years full time experience of KGBV of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan or candidate with 3 (3) years full time experience as BRP under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan  Will be able to.  

Only ON LINE applications will be accepted in respect of this advertisement.  The contract-based appointment to the post is for a short period of 11 months on a contract basis.  Candidates have to apply online (ON LINE) by going to the website and clicking on Recruitment.

  Eligibility required to apply online, how to apply, recruitment terms and conditions  The instruction / guide is posted on the website, which must be read and applied. 

 The candidate has to print the online application and keep it with him.  This print out, as well as a certified copy of the prescribed qualification certificates and original certificates must be submitted at the time of the interview.  

Online (onLINE) Application Period: April 06, 2021 (starting at 12.5 pm).  April 15, 2021 (up to 8.3 pm).  Probable date of publication of online merit: April 8, 2021 Note: Candidates with prescribed qualifications and experience can apply for more than one district.  But he will have to apply separately for each district.  Merit list will be published District Wise.  State Project Director State Project Office Information / 20 / 20-21 Total Education, Sector-10, Gandhinagar

To apply online for the above advertisement, the candidate must first visit the entire education website

Go to and click on Recruitment. The following screen will appear below 5.

The latest notification will appear in the 5th. To apply publicly and online

See the required qualifications, application procedure, recruitment terms and conditions notice / guidelines.

To do so, click on the Attachment button on the right side of the Advertisement within the Latest Notification

 The required qualifications for applying online, how to apply, recruitment / terms and conditions instructions / guidelines are posted on the website, which must be read and applied.  The candidate has to print the online application and keep it with him.  These print outs, as well as certified copies of the prescribed qualification certificates and original certificates should be submitted at the time of interview.  Online (ÓN LINE) Application Period: April 08, 2011 (starting at 12.5 pm) to April 15, 2011 (up to 8.4 pm).  

To apply online only after the candidate has studied all the details regarding recruitment Registration will have to be done.

Provide details of the advertisement to be made by the candidate within the registration form.

In the registration form, the candidate should provide his / her name, mother's name, date of birth, gender, email,

Mobile number, password, date photo of the candidate and signature form should not exceed 200 kb.

ƨ Can be uploaded and click on Register button.

An email to activate the account will be sent to the email address given in the registration form. In 2

Clicking Here To Activate will activate your registered account.

Recruitment related instructions / transaction will be done on Email Address and Mobile.

It is advisable to provide details of your own mobile number and email ID.

The candidate has to enter the details of the email ID and password and click on the Login button.

After logging in, the following dashboard will appear in the following screen.

Name of place in Dashboard, maximum age, minimum experience, advertisement

Details of sample and notification file and advertisement and advertisement deadline etc. will appear.

Candidates should correct the details of Registration before applying online if any.

If so, click on View Profile on the right side of the Dashboard.

Clicking on View Profile opens the following screen. 3rd Candidate J2 Date, Caste (Male,

Female) and can edit details other than email.

Candidates can change their password by clicking on the Change Password button

Former Khalshu. Submit the details of your Current Password and New Password in the submission

Doing so will change the password details.

Candidate has to click on Apply button to apply online for the same.

Click on the Apply button to open the online application form.

Current Working Place Details, Current Address, Permanent Address, Education Details, Language

Click on Save Button to give details of Known, Activity Details and Experience Details

Your application will be submitted.

The details given in the Registration Form of the candidate in Basic Details will be filled automatically.

Candidate in Current Working Place Details performing duty in Government School, Taluka, District

Select the same and select Talks.

Current Address and Permanent Address Candidate's current address of residential area as well

Show details of permanent address.

Mandatory details of required qualifications required by the candidate for advertisement in Education Details are mandatory.

Will have to give.

In Language Known, the candidate chooses options for knowledge of Gujarati, Hindi and English language.

Will have to.

In Activity Details, if the candidate is interested in academic activities and students, textbook writing, module.

Writing, Working as a State Level Specialist, State Level Award, Distance Education, Byseg

Choose Yes Option if you have State Level Certificate of Involvement and Performance as an Expert

You have to write a description.

In the Experience Details, the candidate has to give details of the experience of the 3rd government school. More

Click on the Add button to enter the details of the experience. Details of essential experience

After this the candidate should read the details shown in Undertaking and check the options in the check box.

Will remain.

After clicking on the details in the form, you have to click on the Save button.

બાદ After your application has been successfully submitted, a message will appear on the screen.

Once the online application is submitted, the Edit and Confirm buttons will appear in the Dashboard. In 2

Click on Edit button if the candidate wants to update any details. Clicking on the Edit Button

The form with the details filled by the candidate will be opened by clicking on the Save button.

The success of the candidate's application will be saved.

Candidate will be able to amend the details till he / she confirms the application.

Candidate clicks on Confirm Button to confirm the application along with the filled details of the candidate.

Preview will appear. The details filled in by the candidate will have to be verified or not.

Click After clicking on Submit Button, a popup box will open.

Yes, Submit it! Message that the application has been successfully completed by clicking on the button

Will appear.

Once the application is submitted, it cannot be amended as per the details filled by the candidate.

The application has to be submitted only after confirmation.



After the application has been submitted, the Download button will appear on the Dashboard.

Above Screen બુ Jabu Success! Application Submit Successfully Message

Ar શે will be considered submitted. No submission will be considered valid.

Clicking on Download Button, the application will appear in PDF format

Will have to be saved. Candidate should apply online during the advertisement period

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GSEB Vidyasahayak Bharti Latest Update 2021

GSEB  Vidyasahayak Bharti Latest Update 2021

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GSEB Vidyasahayak Bharti latest Updates 2021: The Gujarat State Education Board will be issued a notification for the recruitment of Vidhyasahayak Posts in Primary School, Shikshan Sahayak Posts in Upper Primary Teachers (Std: 6 to 8 Gujarati Medium) and Higher Education Teachers. It’s a best opportunity for those who are looking forward to latest govt jobs in Gujarat State as a Teacher. Eligible candidates can submit an online application for Gujarat Vidyasahayak Recruitment process after Diwali at the official website.Scroll down & check out below information for more details about Gujarat Vidhyasahayak Bharti 2020-21

Vidyasahyak Bharti 2020-21 Final Merit list and Call Letter for Document Verification updated. Call Letter Download Notification for Applicant. Candidate can Download Call letter from website

Vidhyasahayak Bharti Merit List 2021 at : Gujarat Vidyasahayak Bharti Merit List 2021 was announced. Candidates who are waiting for this Vidyasahayak Gujarat Merit List 2021 can now check their merit list from below mentioned link.

GSEB Vidyasahayak Bharti Merit List 2021

    Vidhyasahayak Bharti 2020-21 (Std 6 to 8)
    Gujarat Vidhyasahayak Bharti 2020 online application is available at for Std 6 to 8 Vidyasahayak Posts. Interested and Eligible Candidates may Apply Online Through official Website-

    How to Fill GSEB Vidyasahayak Teacher Application Form 2020-21 

    First of all, the website has to be opened which is the i.e.
    For information related to GSEB Vidyasahayak Vacancy all the information related to the online application is given above, then all the candidates should read this information and study them well.
    Vidhyasahayak Bharti 2021:

    Post Name: Vidhyasahayak (Other Medium- Std.6 to 8)
      Adv. No. : 01/2021

      Post Name: Vidhyasahayak (Other Medium- Std.1 to 5)
      Posts : 385
      Adv. No. : 02/2021
      Gujarat Vidhyasahayak Bharti Latest Updates 2021 |GSEB Primary Teacher Recruitment | Online Application| Final Merit & Call Letter|Vidya Sahayak Vacancies Apply @


      Advertisement: Click Here

      Starting Date of Apply Online : 06-04-2021

      Apply Online: Click Here

      Last Date to Apply Online : 19-04-2021

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      Online Education Daily Home Learning video 31 March 2021 std 3 to 12


       Online Education Daily Home Learning video 31 March 2021 std 3 to 12

      Education is a crucial a part of people’s lives; it'll either make them or break them within the future counting on the careers they choose. Education is greatly diverse today as compared to the 1950s due to advancements in teaching and other great inventions that provide easier techniques of teaching. One major issue that has been raised is distant learning courses and online education. Distant learning might be any format from VHS videos, DVDs, or internet courses online. Online education has been legal since 1993 and may be a new way of teaching students of all ages. Online education has been gaining popularity through out the years due to the convenience of the web . 

      entrance level to a tutorial career.

      Discussion on issues is completed in chat rooms and forums where everybody writes their views on the difficulty . this is often a plus for foreigners who can't speak proper English correctly. Live video and sound also can be through with special equipment for a true time conversation with instructors and peers. 

      Other features on the web courses are the training aides which will be used while taking the course. Certain programs are often made like flash cards and games which may increase the training experience of the scholar . These learning aides are often done on the student’s time and doesn't require the teacher to be there. 

      Time for a face to face class is extremely difficult if an individual works 40 hours every week but a web course can put an ease on the time restriction because the person does the work on their own pace and time. it's also easier to check in for a web class than a category at a university . Message boards are in use if the scholars got to leave an issue or a comment about the topic their on. They also save time by not traveling to the school and trying to seek out a parking lot .

      In recent years, distance teaching and learning has become increasingly popular among the scholars and this is often perceived differently by learners. Many students perceive this as a beneficial aid in learning while others think that they're not the maximum amount effective as classroom teaching. This essay will discuss about the merits and demerits of distant learning.

      Studying a web course provides a versatile timing and fewer budgeted learning for college kids . they're ready to learn their desire course and subjects on their suitable time. this provides an excellent opportunity for learners to realize new skills and strengthen their knowledge level staying in their own place. as an example , a Nepali student who wants an Australian degree in business management course doesn't need to stay in Australia, he can study online and complete course staying at his home. Hence, distant learning is economic and time saving.


      However, online courses give more emphasis on the theoretical a part of learning and there's less teacher and student interaction. It lacks the sensible aspects of learning and encourage the passive learning. this is often very obvious that students find it as a less effective learning than within the classroom. A recent study suggests that a greater number of scholars found classroom teaching much more effective than the space learning.

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      The cruise service between Surat's Hazira port and Diu will start from March 31

      The cruise service between Surat's Hazira port and Diu will start from March 31

      A cruise ship will leave Hazira every Monday and Wednesday and reach Diu next day in the morning. Return journey will take place on the same day in the evening from Diu and end at Hazira next day in the morning. One side journey will take 13 to 14 hours time.

      A 300-passenger capacity cruise ship will have 16 cabins. It will make two round trips in a week. It will take passengers to high-sea on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

      A cruise ship has gaming lounge, VIP lounge, entertainment on deck etc latest facilities.

      Around four months ago, ro-pax ferry service connecting Hazira (Surat) and Ghogha (Bhavnagar) was launched. It has so far carried over one lakh passengers in addition to thousands of vehicles

      અહીથી સંપૂર્ણ સમાચાર ગુજરાતમાં વાંચો

      Initially, this service will be weekly with the vessel departing from Bandra Worli Sealink every Thursday at around 5pm to arrive at Hazira on Friday at around 9am. It will depart from Hazira on Friday around 5pm to arrive at Bandra Worli Sealink next day at 9am. The number of trips will be increased as per demand.
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      Monday, 29 March 2021

      Online Eduation Daily Home Learning video 30 March 2021 std 1 to 12


       Online Eduation Daily Home Learning video 30 March 2021 std 1 to 12

      Essay on Online Education: Online learning is one among the approaching trends within the education sector round the globe. This mode of learning is completed through the web . With advanced and upgraded technologies, this mode of learning has been made simpler. Online Education is additionally preferred in higher learning Institutions. this text will render the scholars about online education, its outcomes, and advantage briefly and long essays on Online Education.

      entrance level to a tutorial career.

      Long and Short Essays on Online Education for college kids and youngsters in English

      We provide children and students with essay samples on an extended essay of 500 words and a brief essay of 150 words on the subject “Online education” for reference.

      Short Essay on Online Education 200 Words in English

      Short Essay on Online Education is useful to students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

      Education is an integral a part of people’s lives; it'll either make them or break them within the prospect counting on their careers. Education is broadly diverse today compared to the 1950s due to progressions in teaching methods and other prominent inventions that implement more apparent teaching techniques.

      In E-learning, the scholars study from home or the other place, that's most convenient for them. they will acquire learning material online. The study materials in online education might be texts, audio, notes, videos, and pictures . However, the tactic of study has its benefits and various drawbacks too.

      Online education is suitable for those that can't visit or obtain the normal education method for one reason or the opposite . Nearly 6.1 million college students are currently attending online courses, and this number is growing by around 30 percent yearly.

      Online education provides a myriad of benefits for people, also as companies because it allows for, among others, flexibility. an excellent thanks to benefit more from online education is to consolidate online education and traditional ways of teaching.


      ધોરણ-૧  ગણિત વિડીયો 
      ધોરણ-૨ ગણિત વિડીયો 
      ધોરણ-૩  ગણિત  વિડીયો 
      ધોરણ-૪ ગણિત  વિડીયો 
      ધોરણ-૫ હિન્દી  વિડીયો  

      Introduction: Online education is an amenable instructional delivery process that has any learning that takes place via the web . Online learning enables educators to speak with students who might not be capable of enrolling during a traditional classroom course and assists students who got to work on their own schedule and at their own speed.

      ધોરણ-૬  વિજ્ઞાન વિડીયો 
      ધોરણ-૭  વિજ્ઞાન વિડીયો
      ધોરણ-૮ વિજ્ઞાન વિડીયો
      ધોરણ-9 ગણિત વિડીયો
      ધોરણ-12  ENGLISH  વિડીયો 

      Every discipline is registering a surge within the volume of distance learning and imparting of online degrees, with remarkable pace. Schools and institutions that provide online education also are growing in number. Students pursuing degrees through online methods must be scrupulous in ensuring their coursework is completed through a valued and credentialed university.

      Online education is understood to supply the advantage of synergy. Here, the format employed makes room for dynamic communications between students and therefore the teachers. Through these communications, sources are shared, and an open-ended synergy evolves through a learning process. When everyone bestows a view or opinion through discussions and comments on others’ work course, it benefits the scholar to find out better. This unique advantage is manifested during a student-centred virtual learning environment that online learning format alone can contribute.

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      Where in the question written Below? (Question mark) Which number will come there

       Where in the question written Below? (Question mark) Which number will come there?Puzzle


        Today's riddle If you answer this question, let's believe.

       Where in the question written above?  (Question mark) Which number will come there?

       To see the answer go to this link.

       Students will be asked to answer such questions in the NMMS exam as well as in the competitive exam.

       Share this message with your wise friends like Einstein. 

      Be it Anarad ji, Dhruv ji, Prahlada ji or Pandava whosoever has been blessed by that lord, his life must have been condemnable.

      In order to give the right shape to a metal vessel, to increase its value and utility, it is thrown and beaten several times in the fire.  Similarly, the devotee also has to face many sufferings and adversities, so that he can flourish and his life can also become priceless and venerable.

      We should make a continuous effort to make our life worthy of the Lord's grace.  Our simplicity, our simplicity, our sincerity, and even in the most difficult circumstances, the praise of the Lord and faith in him makes us worthy of his grace.

      Please go to Ram.
      May everyone please

      The one who gets the grace of the Lord, on top of it all also gets the grace.  Then a time must also come when the whole creation becomes favorable for him.  For him thorns like flowers, gentle and enemies also become friends.

      If the Lord is pleased, then even a maid son becomes Devarshi Narada. Be good with work and true to heart!  You will definitely become eligible for the grace of God.


      Tomorrow morning send a letter to the Charity Commissioner's Office on the letter pad of all the registered trusts of the first Gita Mandir or your society in which it should be clear that if the building in which the building is located is sold for any business employment.  No.  Only for the benefit of the society to be allotted to anyone who is sold as a group for the welfare of the society.

      With Jai Bhim stating that the Gita Mandir area has a population of more than 30,000 of your Scheduled Castes.  Where till date no building, wadi, hall of Scheduled Caste society has been constructed which is very sad.  Many working people of the society tried hard to complete this work but to this day no one has listened.  But we have a golden opportunity to complete this work.  There is a very large space in our Gitamandir area.  "Karach Kadwa Patidar Samaj Wadi" This place is currently for sale in the possession of Charity Commissioner Ahmedabad.  Advertised in the news paper dated 26/12/2020.  So the time has come for the people of the society to come together and all of us to come together to build the Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Bhavan of the Scheduled Castes.

      Where in the question written Below?  (Question mark) Which number will come there?


      2 8 9 


      3 2 4 


      3 6 .. ? 

      Answer : 1

      first row is 17 x 17 = 289

      second row is 18 x 18 = 324

      third row is 19 x 19 = 361

      Answer :  1

      Today's riddle solution: -

       2 8 9 

        3 2 4 

        3 6 ? 

      Where in the question written Below?  (Question mark) Which number will come there?

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