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Tuesday 11 May 2021

Does plasma donation benefit COVID-19 patients? When and how to donate plasma? Know the answers to all the questions

Does plasma donation benefit COVID-19 patients? When and how to donate plasma? Know the answers to all the questions

Corona virus is on the rise in India with a target of 3.68 lakh more cases per day. Meanwhile, demand for plasma is increasing among people suffering from corona virus. However people are skeptical about donating plasma and being infected once again. This is a meth and many doctors insist that people should come forward and donate plasma as this can save many lives. Therefore the questions need to be cleared to donate plasma, here are some of the questions asked by patients with the recovered corona virus.

What's in the plasma?

Plasma therapy is a treatment in which the blood of a patient with the recovered corona virus is taken so that antibodies can be developed in the body of the infected person. The plasma is the liquid part that is removed from the blood and the remaining white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets and other secular components are also removed. In particular, in this process, the blood is transferred back to the body. And there is no loss of blood and the process is also harmful.

When can you donate plasma?

A person who has recovered from corona about 30-40 days after testing positive for corona virus can donate plasma. Therefore, in the form of a period, sufficient antibodies are developed in the body of a person with the recovered virus.

Who can donate plasma?

People who are over 18 years of age and have a minimum weight of 50 kg can donate plasma.

How often can you donate plasma?

According to the American Cross, you can donate plasma 13 times a year. However, many doctors said that people who have recovered from the corona virus can donate plasma in two weeks.

How does plasma donation corona virus heal patients?

Plasma therapy is known as passive immunity for corona virus patients, as it helps to transfer antibodies into the body of an infected person with Covid-19. Antibodies help fight the deadly pathogens in the body of an infected person.

Does plasma donation have any effect on the donor's body?

Plasma donation is a harmless process and in this process, there is no blood loss in the donor's body in any way, as only fluids containing antibodies are taken from the donor's body.


Which was the first state to use plasma therapy?

Kerala is the first Indian state to try corona virus plasma therapy. This was done on April 18, 2020 at Shri Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Science and Technology.

How successful is plasma therapy?

According to the Houston Methodist Network of Hospitals, it is effective and reduces mortality. Research has also shown that people who are treated with plasma are more likely to recover faster and develop their own antibodies.

How to donate plasma?

There are many NGOs and plasma donor banks where you can donate plasma. You can also register on the official website of where you can donate plasma and also call 1031 to donate plasma.

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